Essential Health Clinic
is now Planned Parenthood.

What to Expect at Your Visit

What to Expect at Your Visit

To make an appointment at any of our clinic locations call (800) 657-5177.

When you call, Essential Health Clinic staff will ask you:

  • Your first and last name
  • If you are a returning client, your client number
  • Your date of birth
  • A phone number where you can be reached
  • If we may identify ourselves as Essential Health Clinic, if we need to contact you
  • The reason for your visit
  • Income and insurance information

What you will need to bring to your visit:

  • Your social security number (you do not necessarily need your social security card, but you must know your number)
  • A list of current medications
  • Your insurance card, if you have insurance and wish to bill your insurance

If you would like to apply for an assistance program to cover the cost of your visit, see additional items to bring here.

You will be given a client number on a card at the time of your appointment. This client card and number are important for any future communication with Essential Health Clinic staff. Keep this number safe. Your client number is always required when communicating with Essential Health Clinic staff about your account and services.

During your visit:

When you arrive, a client liaison (CL) will register you in our system if you are a new client. This includes filling out forms for contact information, as well as consent to services, income assessment, payment and insurance information. Our CL will help you apply for state family planning programs to cover the cost of your services if appropriate.

You will be escorted to an exam room by a reproductive health advocate (RHA). The RHA will review completed forms and discuss birth control or STDs if appropriate.

A nurse practitioner clinician will meet with you and discuss your health concerns and answer any questions. If this is your first visit, a full medical/sexual history will be obtained. Then, any necessary examinations or tests that will be needed will be discussed. Lab screenings and examinations will be completed as necessary. At the end of the exam, the clinician will review the visit and answer any additional questions.

If a pregnancy test is performed, compassionate counseling and information on all pregnancy options provided by an RHA.

If you lost your client card/number

You will need to go to Essential Health Clinic with a photo ID in order to get your number and a new card.