Essential Health Clinic
is now Planned Parenthood.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception

Essential Health Clinic provides Emergency Contraception, or Plan B®.

It is always best if you can call ahead and schedule an appointment, however, Essential Health Clinic will accept walk-ins, schedule permitting, clinic locations and hours are available here.

Emergency Contraception Education Sheet (English) | (Espanol) .

Do I have to be seen by a provider to get Plan B®?

You may or may not have to be seen by a provider, please call ahead.

Can I get Plan B® if I am under 18?

Yes, Emergency Contraception, including Plan B®, is available over the counter or at Essential Health Clinic to anyone regardless of age.

Does Plan B® terminate a pregnancy?

Emergency contraception, also known as “the Morning After Pill,” does not terminate a pregnancy. It sometimes works by preventing pregnancy after unprotected vaginal intercourse or method failure. Plan B®, a brand of emergency contraception, contains the hormone levonorgestrel, a progestin used in some birth control pills. It will not work if a female is already pregnant, nor will Plan B® harm a pregnancy if taken by a female who is already pregnant.