Essential Health Clinic
is now Planned Parenthood.

Preventive Care Services

Essential Preventive Services

At Essential Health Clinic, we believe in taking an active approach to maintaining good health. We are strong proponents of preventive medicine, and offer a variety of services to ensure your reproductive health.

Wellness visits

Essential Health Clinic provides annual wellness visits for clients. This visit includes a general check-up and may include: a pelvic exam, a Pap smear, HPV screening, a clinical breast exam, STD screening, and a review of your current birth control method. Our providers will have a conversation with you to determine which of these services are necessary based on current recommendations.

Pap tests

Essential Health Clinic provides Pap tests and HPV screening. Talk to a provider to determine when you need your next Pap smear.

Other services

Essential Health Clinic can diagnose and provide treatment for common reproductive infections including:

These common infections are not STDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Essential Health Clinic provide mammograms?

No, Essential Health Clinic does not provide mammograms. If you need a mammogram, your Essential Health Clinic provider can give you a referral.

What is a Pap test for?

The Pap test (or Pap smear) looks for precancerous changes in the cells on the cervix that might become cervical cancer if they are not treated appropriately.

How often do I need a Pap?

Women are advised to get their first test at age 21. Most women 21 to 30 should have a Pap test once every three years. Women 30 and older who have had negative Pap tests need to be re-screened every three to five years, depending on HPV status. You can discuss how these guidelines apply to you with your Essential Health Clinic provider.

Do you provide services for men?

Yes, men can receive services at Essential Health Clinic. We offer condoms, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and instruction on self-testicular exams, as well as guidance on general wellness.